Inspiration for Divers

In 1997, after many years of intensive R&D, we launched the world’s first production closed circuit rebreather – the award-winning and best-selling INSPIRATION CCR. With 3 litre cylinders, easy maintenance and simple preparation - the Inspiration brought the benefits of optimal gas consumption and gas mix at all depths to the forefront of diving. Quickly becoming the choice of expedition divers, film makers and sports divers alike, ranging from beach diving to RIB diving. right up to 100m expedition dives.

The Original

The Original Inspiration rebreather, now named the Inspiration Classic, set the benchmark for rebreathers. Available as an entry-level unit, the Inspiration Classic encapsulates the original innovations that made the Inspiration the most-widely used CCR in the diving world - From Dual Master & Slave Controllers to the un-surpassed over-the-shoulder Counterlungs.

The Vision

At the heart of the new generation APD rebreathers lays the Vision electronics package. By combining the reliable, performance benchmark, oxygen control of the Inspiration Classic with the latest manufacturing methods used in high volume dive computers and extending their features, the Vision electronics bring even easier diving, simple yet innovative and advanced warning systems and simple upgradeability to allow not just safe software updates but also Hardware developments as they occur - future proofing your investment.

Introducing the EVOLUTION Closed Circuit Rebreather

Weighing just 24kg with 2 x 2 litre onboard cylinders the Evolution is a 1/3 smaller than the Inspiration - it is compact, light, streamlined and a dream to dive with. The Evolution has built on the foundations of the Inspiration taking the best of its features - including the unique dual independent oxygen control system (patented) and the unsurpassed over-the-shoulder counterlung design which offers the lowest hydrostatic pressures of any CCR ever built.